Jomtien Complex is a relative newcomer to the gay scene in Pattaya and arguably it is the best gay spot in the area. While Boystown and Sunee Plaza have lost a lot of their lustre due to the downturn in tourism overall, and the rise in petty crime there, Jomtien Complex, with nearby gay beach Dongtan (sometimes Dong Tan) has provided a literal breath of fresh air.

Dongtan Beach Jomtien Pattaya

It is what amounts to a long strip of about 20 gay bars, with accommodations, and massage places, and is frequented by the G&B part of the LGBT travel segment. Many “Farang” (Western) locals also come there to enjoy the cheap drinks and nice-looking boys who are mainly from the northeast part of Thailand- buy them something to eat from “home” off of one of the many street vendor carts and you have a guaranteed friend for the night.

Jomtien Complex Map

Apart from the bars & boys, there are 2 really cool cabaret places, The Venue, and M2M, that have elaborate shows with great singers in costumes on professionally lit stages. Jomtien, in general, is known as a bit more of an upscale but not pricy area of Pattaya. The Complex is located about 2-3 Km south from the main tourist area of Walking Street notoriety, and so there are none of the crowds of roving tourist groups parading down the street looking to see a freak show in the gay area like up in Boystown. This area is perfectly safe at all hours and very relaxing in it’s laid back atmosphere. Just a few streets away from the well known Jomtien immigration office, no one ever has a problem here, except for choosing what to drink and who to sit with.

Dongtang Beach Road

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Map & More

Jomtien Complex
Address: Phla, Ban Chang District, Rayong 21130
Phone: 038 630 410
GPS: 12.701108, 101.040398

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