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Hello! We are a group of ex-pats here in Thailand from Europe, the USA, and Australia, and together with our Thai friends and partners, we love to travel all over this wonderful and intriguing country. We are most concerned with sustainable and environmentally sensitive travel, and also, we want to display and promote the cultural richness of this great land. That is why we have The Travel Bear.LGBT. We are supporters of diversity and inclusion, and advocate the elimination of all discrimination and barriers in society. This is the heart of the Thai attitude towards the LGBT community, and we want to get the word out to all that are looking for someplace to relax, feel free, and escape the confines of more restrictive cultures.

You will find information here on the areas of most interest to LGBT travellers, and there is so much more. With links to our main site TheBearTravel.com, we offer a most complete information set of what to do and where to go in Thailand for everybody.

So, what can you contribute to everything? Any input or feedback is welcome and processed promptly. Your interests turn this site into what it should be: a blog, not a book. Welcome again, we look forward to hearing from you!

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